GUERRILLA PROJECTORS // Lighting Guerrilla Laboratory

WORKSHOP: Cirkulacija2, 18th May 2017, 17.00-21.00
PORJECTIONS: Cukrarna Palace, 1st, 8th and 17th June 2017, 21.30–23.30

mentor: Dominik Mahnic

Lighting Guerrilla Laboratory consists of a series of free educational workshops in cooperation with different coproducers and mentors. The scope of the workshops, whose results will be presented during the festival, is to explore the meaning of light, light design and light objects in the public space, as also the role of the artist in the creation of new dimensions of urban space.


This one-day workshop features a short introduction to the concept and basics of electrotechnics and optics, followed by a construction of a portable DIY 100W projector. This simple and robust battery-fuelled projector is able to function on any location. The participants and the mentor will select the screening material and perform several night screenings across the city.

mentor: Dominik Mahnič
Maximum six participants.

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About the mentor:
DOMINIK MAHNIČ (1981, Postojna) graduated in painting and video in 2008 at the ALUO in Ljubljana, where he also finished the postgraduate studies of video in 2013. He’s the founder of the Zveza mestnih jagrov (Association of city hunters), a guide to the Karst underworld, a landscape painter and a designer of micro robots and other devices.