HELENA TAHIR: Vmesna stanja

Helena Tahir: Intermediate States

Helena Tahir: Intermediate States
light installation
Pod Trančo

The installation consists of a series of multicoloured digital graphics, which are hung in layers in the space and are alternately illuminated with RGB light. With the colour layers in the displayed motifs, the latter reacts in such a way as to further stress, change and negate them. In this way, static and complete images in the dark are fragmented into glowing pieces that rhythmically flash with the light and, at times, evoke a sense of movement. The graphics on textiles are based on drawings that the artist beforehand digitalized and collaged into loquacious and visually saturated narratives. Their content is based in the author’s experiences of multiculturalism and life in a diaspora. With the techniques of collage and mixing, she removed the original contextual traces from the motifs, which she got from various archives and family album, and transformed them into imaginary scenes, in which indefinable and, at the same time, familiar images are impulsively assembled into new temporal and spatial dimensions.

HELENA TAHIR (1992) belongs to the youngest generation of artists who systematically explores formal and semantic features of classical graphic techniques and thereby actively co-creates contemporary graphics in Slovenia. She completed her undergraduate studies in graphics and postgraduate studies in painting at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana with honours. During her studies, she attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Porto and Academy of Graphics and Book Art in Leipzig. In recent years, her work was also featured in the Božidar Jakac Gallery (2018), the International Graphic Arts Centre – MGLC (2020), Ravnikar Gallery (2020, 2022), Old Sugar Factory – Cukrarna (2022), at the international art fair ArtRotterdam (2022) and at viennacontemporary. (2020, 2022).

Electronics and light programming: Janez Grošelj