High School of Design and Photography Ljubljana (SŠOF): In a Vortex

High School of Design and Photography Ljubljana (SŠOF): In a Vortex
light installation
window at French Revolution Square, Križanke courtyard
mentors: Veronika Vesel Potočnik, Kaja Urh, Beam Team

Conceived as a spatial installation with light charting and adapted optical illusions, the project of students of the High School of Design and Photography Ljubljana presents an exploration of imaginary space, which, on classic material supports – picture bases on a painting easel – appears like a threat to one of the foundations of dimensions of painting, that is, its materiality. Materiality is endangered due to the contrast between the richness of real physical experience and abstraction created by lighting-technological tools. The art of optical illusion is indeed not alien to painting. The art has its roots in the trompe-l’oeil technique, which means ‘to trick the eye’ in French. The representation of space with the process of linear perspective, which was developed during the Renaissance, also gave impetus to optical art, which allows artists to manipulate perspectives and proportions. In this way, the students designed various projection mappings, where, with short narratives within dynamic illusions, they alter the experience of a 2D surface into an experience of a 3D space. /participants/

participants: Martina Čerin, Zoja Gloria Hernaus, Lana Hribar, Jasna Ivačič, Lucia Karo Banko, Hana Mikuletič, Tobija Novak, Flora Omerčević, Zoja Liza Palka, Tea Stojkovski, Izabela Stropnik, Maša Svetec, Ema Šilar in Lučka Špiranec

co-production: High School of Design and Photography Ljubljana (SŠOF)