High School of Design and Photography: Photonic memories

light projections / workshop
17th May – 17th June 2017
Facade of SŠOF at Križevniška street // festival opening

OPENING: Wednesday, 17th May, at 21.30
Laser night strolls around the city: 1st, 8th & 17th June

This presentation represents the final stage of the workshop with the students of the SŠOF in Ljubljana, held by the mentors Dominik Mahnič and Uroš Acman. The students, future photographers, have made photographic templates that thematize their intimate worlds and memories under the mentorship by Acman. These templates have been adapted to the format of small lasers and »logo projectors«, small and modestly priced projection devices, optically and technically enhanced by Mahnič, and then installed on the facade of the school building. During the opening (and also during two later iterations) there will be an organized stroll of the surroundings with the adapted lasers that enable playful light interventions into the urban space thanks to their mobility and ease of use.

mentors: DOMINIK MAHNIČ (1981) graduated in painting and video in 2008 at the ALUO in Ljubljana, while in 2013 he’s finished his postgraduate studies of video at the same institution. He’s the founder of the Association of city hunters, a guide to the Karst underworld, landscape painter and designer of micro-robots and other devices. UROŠ ACMAN (1982, Slovenj Gradec) has graduated at SŠOF in 2001 and later also the study of photography at the FAMU in Prague. He’s started his postgraduate studies of photography in 2008 at the Ecole cantonale d’art in Lausanne, and then, between 2008 and 2010, studied theory and philosophy of visual culture at the Faculty of humanities in Koper. At the moment he works as the professor of photography at the SŠOF in Ljubljana.

participants: Veronika Brvar, Urška Bukovec, Ana Debeljak, Tijana Drljača, Sara Gomboc, Eva Marija Hild, Živa Hočevar, Arja Inkret, Matej Jenko, Vanja Miloš Jovanović, Luana Krameršteter, Lucija Maver, Lovro Megušar, Patricija Novšak, Lenart Oblak, Tina Oblak, Kristina Potisek, Kaja Potočnik, Melisa Rošič, Eva Semolič, Izza Sladič, Tisa Šenekar, Neža Ternik, Ajša Vehovec, Domen Vinko in Andraž Vončina.

coproduction: School of Photography and Design (SŠOF)