Ian Burns: Pausations

lighting installation
17th May − 17th June 2017
Vžigalica gallery // festival opening

OPENING: Wednesday, 17th May, at 21.30

Ian Burns in his work critically dissects the modern technology and depicts its effects with lots of humor and ingenuity. A great part of his opus namely consists of a series of analog machines that make use of simple mechanisms to create poetic word strings and project them onto a wall. The elusive meaning of thus written-out phrases, whose reading is dictated by the rhythm of the mechanic clicking, puts forth mainly the category of time. In this way, the installation creates a situation without a clear beginning or end, symbolizing instead only an infinite free-run with slight variations. The work with its robust form and content projected onto the walls demonstrates the mysteriousness of time as the inevitable component of remembrance.

IAN BURNS (1964, Newcastle, Avstralija) finished his education in the USA and Australia, where he received his doctorate at the Griffith University in Brisbane. Burns is an established artist who explores the effects of techno-aesthetics on our understanding of the physical world. He’s realized several independent exhibitions in established museums and galleries across Europe, USA, Australia and New Zealand, while his works are included in numerous art collections. He lives and works in New York.

The photo is published with the permission of the artist and of the Viennese gallery Hilger NEXT.