Leonid Tishkov: Private Moon

Leonid Tishkov: Private Moon
light installation
Archaeological Park Early Christian Centre, the roof of NLB bank, the embankment of the river Ljubljanica – moving location

The Russian artist Leonid Tishkov presents himself in Ljubljana with the project that thematizes the dichotomy between the public and private, and, at the same time, challenges our conventional ideas about space and its laws. But first and foremost, this is a roguish project that does not lack in its own poetics and surreal romanticism: its title could not be more straightforward, as it is in fact a double of the Earth companion, with which he travels to different places. This time, Moon shall find a place to rest in numerous locations around the city centre, where she will delight night walkers.

LEONID TISHKOV (1953, Nizhnye Sergi, Russia) works as a graphic artist, photographer, video artist, painter, illustrator and author of installations. His heterogeneous multimedia work is imbued with both irony and distinctly poetic elements that often traverse into the realm of surrealism. In the 1980s, he initially created smaller works and illustrations, but after 1990, he gradually moved to larger formats and installations, which, by means of theatrical language, evoke various absurd moments of everyday life, and frequently introduce romantic and magic elements. He has participated in numerous exhibition projects around the world; his works are located in several esteemed collections on this and the other side of the Atlantic. He lives and works in Moscow.

sponsors: NLB, d. d., Ljubljana, JP Voka Snaga
co-production: The Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana (MGML)