Lighting Guerrilla Laboratory: Video Transformations

Lighting Guerrilla Laboratory: Video Transformations
Light & video installations
The Small Gallery of the Bank of Slovenia // until 21 June
OPENING: Friday, 24 May, 9:30 p.m.

Mentors: Nika Erjavec & Matic Šubelj and Blaž Pavlica & Gašper Milkovič Biloslav

In the Small Gallery of the Bank of Slovenia, we present works created at two workshops that took place this year as part of the educational platform Lighting Guerrilla Laboratory. At the first workshop (mentors: Nika Erjavec & Matic Šubelj), meant for students of the Academy of Fine Arts and Design Ljubljana, the participants applied themselves to the so-called video hacking: participants explored various analogue and digital video techniques (i.e. dirty mixing, circuit bending and glitch art). They recycled old security cameras and used them to create video loops, by means of which they created a series of intimate video atmospheres or installations in the gallery.

The other set of workshops aimed at experienced artists and students of the Faculty of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana (mentors: Blaž Pavlica and Gašper Milkovič Biloslav) took place under the title Hydra Live Coding of Visuals. The participants familiarised themselves with the practice of coding visuals in the open-source web tool Hydra; they explored the technique of video feedback, and then assembled an analogue-digital set-up, which is presented in the form of an interactive installation in the gallery.

PATICIPANTS: /ALOU/: Pika Potočnik, Tyana Rendič, Jernej Šimec, Klemen Kekec, Clara Jantson-Köstner, Tomaž Pavšek, Korina Ferčec, Jieun Kim in Ana Marija Palir, Jovana Tesić, Katarina Snoj, Ana Kerševan, Dunja Rahovsky Šuligoj, Polona Pečan, Živa Vaukan and Jan Lavrič; /others/: Mojca Zupančič, Monika Curk, Urška Savič, Vuk Emiliano Valecic, Urša Čuk, Tina Šulc Resnik, Andraž Jerič and Petra Hrovatin

gallery opening times: Tuesday—Sunday: 2 p.m.—11:30. p.m.

co-production: University of Ljubljana, Associaction Ljudmila Art and Science Laboratory, Small Gallery of the Bank of Slovenia