LOVRO IVANČIĆ: Parallel Worlds: Area 18:31

LOVRO IVANČIĆ: Parallel Worlds: Area 18:31
Light installation
The Match Gallery // until 1 September
OPENING: Friday, 24 May, 9:30 p.m.

The gallery space has been transformed into a primeval forest of an unknown world, which is governed by conditions different from those on Earth. The light that illuminates the space does not come from our Sun, the atmosphere is hostile and cold, everything is surrounded by blue light. The objects, which are reminiscent of branches, gently sway and, although they are inanimate, come to life when visitors touch them. The only sign of warmth is the object, hidden at first glance, which appears to be waking up, growing and breathing. The identity of the object and its surroundings differ. The branches act repetitively, as if duplicating according to a pattern generated by the computer, whereas the foreign object glows with warmth and stands against the cold environment. The aim is to create an atmosphere of alienation, a situation that is difficult to grasp due to the unusual conditions of size. The viewer is suddenly drawn into another world that, although familiar, is not his or her own. /L. Ivančić/

LOVRO IVANČIĆ (Zagreb, 1992) obtained his master’s degree in Textile and Fashion Design from the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering in Ljubljana (NTF, UL). He also attended the Design Academy in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. After years of research and activity in the field of fashion design, he has recently been focusing predominantly on textile research in the context of contemporary visual art. In his work, he is experimenting with various textile techniques and chemical and mechanical interventions with the aim of overcoming the distance between the concepts of human, nature and technology and understanding how they co-exist without being mutually exclusive. At the same time, he also works as a costume designer and stylist for various stage and television productions; after returning to Zagreb, he has also been working as an assistant scenographer in the ZKM and HNK theatres there.

opening times: Tuesday—Sunday, 12 a.m.—11:30 p.m.
co-production: The Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana (MGML)
thanx: MGLC