NTF – Chair of Textile and Fashion Design, FS, FD, ZAG, Robotina: Light Sieving

light installation
Novi trg
15 June−11 July 2020


The project  created by students and mentors from 3 facutlies and an insititute metaphorically addresses places that, according to its creators, are a kind of urban inter-spaces, practically the negatives of the urban network. The installation in Novi square thus consists of a stick structure where moving sieves float. Light shines through them and creates a graphic network of shadows with different densities. These light prints symbolize the city, its multi-layered urban design, its structures that are constantly shifting from one to the other. Sieves sometimes partially cover the light sources with which the creators attempt to address the growing light pollution of the environment, especially in cities.

The installation was created within the European project Po kreativni poti do znanja 2020 that involves several professors and students from the University of Ljubljana and University of Primorska as well as partners from both the private and public sector.


students: Karmen Hočevar and Sara Magajna (Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering), Jan Rugelj (Faculty of Mechanical Engineering), Sara Čuden and Ema Kregar (Faculty of Design)

mentors: dr. Marjan Jenko, dr. Tomaž Požrl, Marija Jenko, dr. Mateja Golež (National Building and Civil Engineering Institute) and mag. Dušan Janjič (Robotina d.o.o.)



The project is co-financed by: Ministry of Education, Science and Sport of the Republic of Slovenia, The Public Scholarship, Development, Disability and Maintenance Fund of the Republic of Slovenia; European Social Fund.

special thanks: Janko Rožič, u.d.i.a., Franci Krevh, akad. glasb., Mirko Križaj
coproduction: Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering, Faculty Of Mechanical Engineering – Ljubljana, Faculty of design, ZAG, Robotina