Ana Brumat & Tim Winkler: Memofract

light installation
17th May – 17th June 2017
Križevniška street // festival opening

OPENING: Wednesday, 17th May, at 21.30

The structure of a light platform expands according to the primary patterns of our universe. The motion of energy triggers innumerable processes, the basis of their functioning and assembling together written deep down in the ur-memory. Basic forms of structure are being repeated on different levels of macro and micro cosmos. Man can find them in the shapes of regular rectangles, atoms, sun systems, nebulas, clouds, golden ratio, molecules, roots, canopies, blood circulatory systems, electrons, spirals, tissues, mosses, as well as with Fibonacci, Euclides, Petrie … Pieces of mirrors as fragments of information are the building blocks of the mosaic of the core that carries the memory and reflects it in the shape of complex visual codes. Branched-out connections bettween light and shadows in the installation weave a dynamic patttern of neurons where memories of people feed, travel, mix and fade. Flashes in the mirrors represent the flashes of unpredictable movement and of the clamping of energy into the space and time. /artists/

ANA BRUMAT (1991, Šempeter pri Gorici) finished the artistic highschool in Nova Gorica. At the moment she’s finishing her studies at the academy of visual arts in Venice. She works mostly in graphics, especially in the technique of rotogravure printing. She’s contributed her works to several festival, biennials, triennials and other events and projects across Europe. She also works in graphic design. At the moment she’s experimenting with abstract hand-drawn stop-motion animation in combination with experimental processing and composition of sound, projections, light and video. TIM WINKLER (1996, Šempeter pri Gorici) finished the artistic highschool in Nova Gorica and became active in the field of design and visual communications. He works as a graphic designer and lately, as a lighting technician and scenographer at the KC Mostovna. He uses classical lighting tools for his work, but also some software for the manipulation of video content he projects on different surfaces.