Ana Karlin: Disociacija

Ana Karlin: Dissociation

Ana Karlin: Dissociation
Match Gallery, Ljubljana
23. May – 18. June 2022
light installation

Artist’s work is inspired by the research and contemplation of a man’s physical image as the crucial element, which determines individual’s identity. When we look at our reflection, we experience an intimate visual reflection of ourselves; one’s mirror image is always emotional and dramatic. But what happens when our reflection suddenly changes, becomes different and we lose control over it? These are the questions the new project by Ana Karlin is trying to answer. Using light, her installation manipulates the visitor’s reflection and consequently creates new, not only formal but also multiple layers of meaning. This poses the question of how do visitors experience these interruptions, which occupy one’s intimate space and take control. Is the reflection of one’s face still one’s own or does one dissociate from it and reject it?

ANA KARLIN graduated in Graphic Design in 2019 at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana, where she’s currently pursuing her Master’s Degree. She’s interested in Design and Animation. For her series of posters, entitled Identiteta (Identity), designed for her graduate thesis, she received Graphis Silver Award and for her animated poster Dressed for success she received a golden award Poster Stellars as well as Graphis Golden Award.

Co-production: MGML