Andrej Štular & ALUO: Moment

light installation
street lamps in Novi trg
15 June−11 July 2020


The street lamps on the facades of Novi square will once again transform into temporary exhibition spaces and show a different and more lively appearance in the time of the festival: their translucent walls this time feature a sequence of stories designed by the artist Andrej Štular and students of video at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana. Štular’s contribution to the project consists of a series of silhouette drawings that employ a minimalist narration to evoke different situations and occasions from everyday life. Štular’s drawings served to inspire the students to create short video works or animations. These drawings, enhanced by the moving images, thus provoke a unique visual dialogue that leads to discovery of ulterior levels of meaning.

collaborating: Ana Marija Palir, Zala Klančnik, Hana Zadnikar, Lucija Klauž, Nina Munih
mentor: Sašo Sedlaček ( Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Ljubljana, Video and new media)

ANDREJ ŠTULAR (1967) often likes to connect various visual art techniques with the spheres of domestic psychopathology as also with more universal themes that question the human condition, the human identity and his position in the structure of (modern) reality. Štular’s work skilfully transitions from one medium to the other, transcending the borders between them, which serves to shape his distinctly unique artistic language. His creations are never completely unambiguous and they often challenge the viewers and their minds.



coproduction: Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Ljubljana