Andrej Štular: Stranger (nn)

light objects
17th May−17th June 2017, Vžigalica gallery // festival opening
1th June–17th June 2017, Palace Cukrarna

Vžigalica: Wednesday, 17th May, at 21.
Palace Cukrarna: Thursday, 1st June, at 21.30

Andrej Štular in the Vžigalica gallery presents a luminous figural sculpture, while the other contribution of his is a series of illuminated silhouttes whose composition resembles film framing on the facade of the Cukrarna building. Although these two are technically and design-wise very diverse creations, both are created using ready-made and recycled materials, and both share the same content: thematizing the figure of the stranger. Artist’s minimalistic interpretation of the stranger comes from a meager knowledge about an anonymous, strange person who lives a full-blooded life, stock full of their own memories. This stranger’s memories sometimes come out, but we’re having trouble “reading” them since they’re not ours.

ANDREJ ŠTULAR (1967) in his work often attempts to connect different visual art techinques with the spheres of domestic psychopathology, as well as with more universal themes that question the human essence, identity and our place in the structure of the modern (turbocapitalist) world. Štular’s work is characterized by a skillful transition between different media and the elimination of borders between them, revealing his own unique visual vocabulary. The artist’s creations are never completely unambiguous and the viewer often feels challenged in front of them.