Beam Team & Aleš Zupanc & Črt Trkman: The Grid

Beam Team & Aleš Zupanc & Črt Trkman: The Grid
lighting installation
Match Gallery
24th May–19th June 2021


The Grid project is created by a group of artists who tested their like-mindedness during their last year’s mentoring of the Lighting Guerrilla Laboratory. This time they are presenting an authorial interactive installation that explores the perceptual loops of auditory and visual reality. The fullness of their execution is supported by a mapped video projection enriched with sound and an electronic interface that allows interactive generation of audiovisual content. The viewers are of key importance here, of course, as they can trigger various states of virtual reality by moving through the grid in space, all while being followed by a gigantic animated eye – the central element of the installation that evokes many dystopian impressions with its threatening grotesqueness.

BEAM TEAM (5237 – Stella Ivšek and SMECH – Anja Romih) are multimedia artists who, apart from VJing for several years in different art festivals and club events, pursue sound visualization, video animation and video montage. ALEŠ ZUPANC works as a developer of electronic devices and firmware and as a programmer. His fascination with electronics started quite early and only intensified over the years. ČRT TRKMAN is a sound designer, sound engineer and electronic music producer who creates under the pseudonym of Terranigma.

Opening times: Tue–Sun, 12.00–23.30

Coproduction: MGML