Beam Team: Portal

Beam Team: Portal
light-sound installation
Match Gallery

The new project of the authorial group Beam Team is based on synchronized modulation of light and sound, which, when passing through the space, where the gazes of two viewers meet, enables a peculiar sensory experience that plays with the viewer’s perception. The central element of the installation is a spacial scenery, a tunnel of some sort, through which two viewers look upon each other at each end, and in which there are several plates with spherical openings, between which the play of light takes place, emphasized by the use of some special effects. The portal tries to deny the rigid linearity of time and space, instead introducing the moment of cyclicity – ontologically speaking, the reality of space thus turns into a fluid polygon of infinity, timelessness and wholesomeness, which shakes the viewer’s experience of living and perceiving the world.

BEAM TEAM (Stella Ivšek, Anja Romih, Aleš Zupanc, Črt Trkman) are Slovene multimedia artists who explore the fields of intermedia art, video projections and mapping, audiovisual installations, design, video montage and other multimedia. Together, they created two interactive audio-visual installations (Plato’s bodies, Grid), which were presented at various local and international festivals and exhibitions (The Lighting Guerrilla, Pixxelpoint, inSonic, Borås Bright Art). STELLA IVŠEK (1987) and ANJA ROMIH (1991) are multimedia artists who, in addition to years of VJ-ing at various art festivals and club events, work in the fields of the visualisation of sound, video animation, video montage and stage scenography. ČRT TRKMAN (1987) is a sound designer, sound engineer and electronic music producer who creates under the pseudonym Terranigma. ALEŠ ZUPANC (1997) is active in the fields of the development of electronic devices and firmware for embedded systems.

22. May-17. June 2023 // opening hours: Tue_Sun., 12.00–23.30
18. June–28. Aug. 2023 // opening hours: Tue-Sun., 10.00–18.00
coproduction: MGML