Boštjan Drinovec & vj MESEC: Underground

light installation, proejctions
shafts in French Revolution square // until 15. 6.
OPENING: Thursday, 16th May, at 21.30


The experience of everyday life and wandering around the city is usually connected to its visual and accessible surface, with architecture and urbanist design, while under that surface a different environment lurks, usually hidden from view of the city dwellers. Boštjan Drinovec and vj MESEC attempt a peculiar exploration of a world normally inaccessible. They set off for the very guts of the city, the underground shafts with electric cables where they use light interventions to explore the uncharted territories, their well-kept secrets and their unexpected inhabitants too.

BOŠTJAN DRINOVEC (1973, Ljubljana) is an academic sculptor and a Master of Arts. He has been teaching sculpture at the ALUO in Ljubljana since 2008. He is the co-founder of AKC Metelkova Mesto and of its public image too. He’s active in the fields of small plastic, , gallery set-ups , kinetic  and sound installations, while also creating many sculptures and monuments in public space. GREGOR MESEC (vj MESEC) is a visual artist specialized in all kinds of video production, screenings, (3D) animation, videomapping and installations. He regularly contributes to different stage, concert, business and other events and works with various organizations, groups and individual artists.


Sponsors: Elektro Ljubljana, electric energy distribution company, d. d., IB-program, d. o. o., Grosmetal, d. o. o.