Circus Lumineszenz: It’s Raining Light

light installation
Kongresni trg
15 June−11 July 2020


Simple but visually highly effective light fixtures, usually made from discarded objects, are the trademark of Circus Lumineszenz. This time they are coming to Ljubljana with an ambient made of a large number of used umbrellas. These, turned upside down, act as conductors for light. The final effect is that of a rain of light, especially as the whole setup is equipped with loudspeakers to simulate the effect of rain drops.

CIRCUS LUMINESZENZ is an artistic and educational initiative from Vienna that uses light and creative technologies to develop different multi-media environments and ambients, installations, performances and objects that often require an active participation of the audience. Circus Lumineszenz is an Austrian-Argentinian tandem of Nina Fountedakis and Leo Bettinelli.



The project is cofinanced by: Austrian Cultural Forum Ljubljana, program: Neighbourhood Dialogue.