Doroteja Erhatič: Draft

light installation
Križevniška soteska
15 June−11 July 2020

The Draft project is inspired by the element of air, or more precisely, by the movement of air which is imitated by a network of light filaments that are stretched out above a narrow street. The artist visualizes the wind, this practically undepictable force, with artificial lighting that is pulsating over the heads of the viewers, intensifying and fading in waves and thus creating a series of cascades of intertwining contours. The additional dynamism of the interactive installation was achieved by the artist by involving passers-by who can influence its final image: by blowing out the flames they can ignite ‘traces’ of wind.

DOROTEJA ERHATIČ (1990, Ptuj) is active in the fields of sculpture, painting and restoration. In 2012 she completed her studies in restoration at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana where she’s currently finalizing her master’s degree in sculpture. She has participated in several group exhibitions, numerous public and restoration projects. She received the Academy’s award for special artistic achievements in 2011/2012.

Electronics & coding: Janez Grošelj



special thanks: residents of Križevniška 2