Faculty of Architecture & Faculty of Electrical Engineering: Portal

light installation
Fužine Castle park // till 28th June
OPENING: Friday, 31st May, at 21.30


Walking through a portal is a metaphor for life full of obstacles to which we all react differently. Some are unsurmountable while others are easy to overcome. In this way, any frame is a   milestone that, in combination with all others, becomes the labyrinth of choices and borders/limitations. We all walk differently through life and we all co-create the colourful patchwork of experiences represented by the luminous play of portals. The composition of light changes according to the current situation around it son it is with us how it comes to life. /text: contributors/

CONTRIBUTING STUDENTS: FA: Tamara Hostnik, Marjeta Javornik, Nina Jedlovčnik, Rabih Koussa, Iza Krampl, Tamara Nunčič and Marco Scremlin; FE: Matija Čeligoj and Barbara Škrlj

MENTORS:  doc. Dr. Tomaž Novljan and doc. Dr. Matej B. Kobav

Tomaž Novljan is a researcher in the fields of light and humanization of architectural ambients in aggressive environments. He is teaching the regular course of Colour in Architecture and the facultative course of Light in Architecture and Project building 4 and 5 at the Faculty of Architecture in Ljubljana. Matej B. Kobav is an assistant at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering who focuses on the research on lighting, evaluation of workspaces and use of daylight to illuminate spaces. He is the chief secretary of the Slovenian Lighting Association and active in several roles in the International Lighting Commission.


Coproduction: Faculty of Architecture, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, MAO
The project is co-funded by the Republic of Slovenia and the EU from the European Social Fund.