Faculty of Architecture & Faculty of Electrical Engineering: Spark

Faculty of Architecture & Faculty of Electrical Engineering: Spark
Light installation
OPENING: Friday, 24 May, 9:30 p.m.
French Revolution Square: until 18 June
Tivoli Park (next to Plečnik’s amphitheatre): 19 June22 June 

Mentors: Janez Grošelj, Matej B. Kobav (Faculty of Electrical Engineering), and Tomaž Novljan (Faculty of Architecture)

For several years in a row, the public lighting lamps in the city centre have been transformed into a miniature scene of various lighting interventions during the festival, by means of which the lamps acquire an artistic value in addition to their functionality. At night, the lamps thus not only emit light, but also generate different shadows and images, which create new stories or sensory experiences in the micro space. This time, students from the Faculty of Architecture and Faculty of Electrical Engineering will tackle the interactive lighting projects in public lamps, joined by a student from the Faculty of Computer and Information Science:  five pairs of participants, one from each faculty, will present a series of dynamic light installations in five lamps, the golden thread of which is the spark as a metaphor for the ignition of the life cycle of fire or transformations it causes. Before the end of the festival, the project will move from the French Revolution Square to Tivoli Park for three days, where the festival of performing arts, Spider, shall take place in the second half of June.

PARTICIPANTS: Veronika Bachuk, Jakob Lavrič, Žan Blaznik Lesičnik, Tilen Oberžan, Andraž Pavšič, Zoja Peterman, Matjaž Pogačnik, Eva Potočnik, Aljaž Potokar and Iztok Rebrica

co-production: Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Architecture, University of Ljubljana, and Pekinpah Institute
sponsor: Javna razsvetljava d. d.