Jaka Šimenc & Akaša Bojić & Luka Umek: Light Thread



An extremely strong beam of light, aligned with the axis of the Križevniška street, illuminates the facades of the buildings around it. A white light line, a sum of all the colours of the spectrum, outlines the viewer’s active space and defines their views, by which a new and dynamic lighting narrative takes place in this same micro-location.

The second phase of the project titled Dialogue is the job of the students of the Faculty of architecture, tutored and mentored by Šimenc in a workshop. The light thread can be manipulated and modifications of light properties builds a dialogue with the environment. The beam can be broken or reflected using different props, coloured by reducing a certain part of the spectrum etc. The students will thus create different light and colour compositions in space by manipulating the light beam.


Jaka Šimenc (1973, Ljubljana) is the lighting master and scenographer who collaborates with many artists, directors, choreographers and artistic collectives. As an artist he explores different forms of theatre like the one without the actor or sonoric theatre. His original and innovative work contributed to the affirmation of lighting design in Slovenia as an independent artistic practice. He realizes independent projects as well and assists in lighting different exhibitions, festivals, installations, and concerts. He also works in the field of education for technical and designer vocations in theatre. Akaša Bojić and Luka Umek work as all-round designers in the Komposter collective. They have both finished their studies at the ALUO in Ljubljana and they collaborate with different artists in the fields of performance, dance, theatre, film and music.


collaborating students: Andreja Benedejčič, Tina Božak, Neža Brankovič, Matic Hlede, Zala Kanc, Živa Kandorfer, Matic Komel, Emilija Meserko and Nik Štrubelj

coproduction: Faculty of Architecture, Španski borci Culture Centre


special thanks: Event Lighting Jernej Guštin s.p.