Janez Grošelj: Alkimija atmosfer

Janez Grošelj: Alchemy of Atmospheres

Janez Grošelj: Alchemy of Atmospheres
light installation
garden next to the Križevniška Church
/entry to the garden on Wednesdays and Saturdays; on other days, viewing is possible from the outside/

Venus once had an atmosphere similar to that of Earth, but over time it underwent dramatic transformations and became an inhospitable environment. The project Alchemy of Atmospheres focuses on the transformative power of natural processes and on the potential for evolution and changes that may one day befall our planet. It aims to show the abstract and ephemeral power of changes in the atmosphere, emphasize the changeability of even the most stable natural phenomena and encourage visitors to think about the possibility that our atmosphere will one day experience similar transformations as Venus.

In this transfer of Venus’ atmosphere to Earth, some abstract changes have taken place, allowing the viewers to discover different levels of space exploration and technologies in the installation. The project thus encourages reflection on the mysteries of the universe and offers the viewer a new perspective on its dimensions. /J. Grošelj/

JANEZ GROŠELJ holds a master’s degree in architecture, but is increasingly moving away from building design and discovering his vocation in the smaller and more intimate field of art and lighting art. The encouragement for independent activity in this field came from his participation in the student Lighting Guerrilla project, Park Geometrics, in 2015, and, since then, he has mostly been creating under the auspices of the festival. He has participated in several festivals in Slovenia and abroad with his installations, and, in addition to his creative activity, he also shares his knowledge and experiences a a mentor in workshops.

co-production: Festival Ljubljana