Janez Grošelj: Crossroads

Janez Grošelj: Crossroads
light installation
Gosposka Street / French Revolution Square

With the project Crossroads, Janez Grošelj tackles the issue of perception of space, meanwhile highlighting the moment of cooperation as a way of achieving common goals. In the city centre, which was formed quite ‘organically’ over the centuries – which is, consequently, reflected in different widths and depths of the building plots and, of course, also in the architecture itself, the dimensions of which are generally inconsistent – he outlined a regular geometric figure with the help of light lines, which appears to be cutting and piercing through the existing building materials. At the level of form, the project therefore realizes the tension between the actual urban situation and the ideal design, whereas, at the symbolic level, it offers something more. Namely, the square is chosen as a universally understood building block, by means of which more complex structures are created; according to the author, it is offered to the viewer as a symbol of space in which ideas are born and which represents a key prerequisite for collaboration.

JANEZ GROŠELJ holds a master’s degree in architecture, but is increasingly moving away from building design and discovering his vocation in the smaller and more intimate field of art and light art. The encouragement for independent activity in this field came from his participation in the student Lightning Guerilla project, Park Geometrics, in 2015, and, since then, he has mostly been creating under the auspices of the festival. He has participated in several festivals in Slovenia and abroad with his installations, and, in addition to his creative activity, he also shares his knowledge and experiences a mentor in workshops.