knnz & uno.tisto: Sam si plačilo za vse

knnz & uno.tisto: Sam si plačilo za vse

knnz & uno.tisto: Sam si plačilo za vse
Cankarjev dom platform (opposite NLB bank)
23. 5.– 11. 6. & 17.– 18. 6. 2022, 21.30– 23.30

The project refers to Jung’s theory about the shadow archetype, which the authors applied to the relationship with their own subjectivity. With the help of animated 3D video recording they establish a dialogue with surrounding architecture, in order to map and explore the relationship we, as individuals, have with the ‘shadow’ parts of our own personalities, with particular attention to the process of accepting one’s bisexual orientation. The narrative is mostly focused on many internal dilemmas and various kinds of self-reflection that arise from one’s sexual orientation considering the fact that we are extremely social beings. This visual essay addresses us through exposing an important dichotomy that lies in exposing and accepting the parts of individual’s personality that usually stay hidden.

KNNZ graduated from the Department for Graphic and Interactive Communication at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering in Ljubljana and she’s currently finishing her post-graduate studies in Video and New Media at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Ljubljana. Her work is usually video-installations and VJ-ing, which enables her to explore various spatial dimensions. She participates in events and meetings of the V2V collective from Osmo/za and as a VJ she performs at events by the Nimaš izbire collective.

UNO.TISTO has been working in the field of Illustration and Graphic Design since he was a teenager, but in recent years he changed his artistic direction to focus on exploring the creative potential of computer graphics and digital production. As a creative professional, he works on designing characters for multimedia projects, music videos, VR applications and other creative hybrid domains.

Co-produced: Cankarjev dom