Elcke van Gorkum: Tunnelvisie 3.0


16th May−15th June 2019


– [festival opening]: Match Gallery & nearby outdoor locations, Thursday, 16. May 2019, at 21.30
– Alkatraz Gallery and Pionirski dom, Thursday, 23. May 2019, at 21.30
– Pionir railway, Sathurday, 25. May 2019, at 21.30
– park at the Fuzine castle, Friday, 31. May 2019, at 21.30
– Lighting Park, Friday, 14. June 2019, at 21.30

With 13th edition of the international Lighting Guerrilla festival, Ljubljana will again regenerate with a series of light installations that will illuminate its city center as well as some other parts of the city. Presented artists, both Slovenian and international, will devote themselves to the theme of Borders, the main topic of this year’s festival. As usual, the festival will take-off with the exhibition at the Vžigalica Gallery and several outdoor projects in its immediate vicinity, followed by the opening of the show of the German art group RaumZeitPiraten in the Alkatraz gallery. Another series of projects will be presented at the outskirts of Ljubljana, in the park in front of the Fužine castle. In 2019, a new permanent light sculpture is to be unveiled at the Light park in Trnovo district, featuring new project by artists Meta Grgurevič & Jaša.

A series of activities are also expected within the Lighting Guerrilla Laboratory, representing a set of educational workshops which results are to be presented in the framework of the festival. During the Summer Museum Night, on June 15th, before the festival’s lights turn off for the last time, projections by students and the guided tour with bicycles can be expected.

With the theme of the forthcoming Lighting Guerilla festival we plan to explore the role and significance of the borders and boundaries in our everyday lives. The artists we will present at the festival tackle various aspects of physical, mental, social, as well as optical or imaginary borders humans confront on a daily basis. On the other side some of the works presented also deal with the transitions and exceeding of various boundaries. We will thus present works that explore the borders and boundaries between the imaginary and the real, between urban and rural, offering a different reflection on the phenomenon that, in view of the current socio-political situation, raises a great amount interest.


photo: Surreal visuals: Tunnelvisie 3.0