Lighting Guerrilla Laboratory

Series of object & installations

This year, a workshop for the artists how to assemble dynamic systems with different analogous and digital electronic circuits, connected to a microcomputer or without it, took place within the framework of the Lighting Guerrilla Laboratory events which are dedicated to education. The attendees, helped by the mentors Brane Ždralo and Luka Frelih, have developed their own art project and in this way got acquainted in practical terms with the problems of the choice of appropriate technical elements and programming tools for the production of a new artwork. Selected artists (Marko Batista & Boštjan Čadež, Maja Bojanič and Tisa Neža Herlec, Brina Ivanetič and Eva Mlinarič, Neža Jurman, Žiga Palčar, Lina Rica, Matej Stupica, Špela Škulj and Staš Vrenko) are presenting their works in the exhibition in the Cukrarna palace.


Brane Ždralo (1963) is an electro-technics engineer employed at the Faculty of Electro-technics. He explores various possibilities to recycle computer components and circuitry remains in combination with different electronic circuits and light sources in his works. He’s inspired by futurism and science fiction so he tackles the questions of time, space, interactivity and new dimensions. Luka Frelih (1974) is a computer programmer and artist, a hacker with a special inclination towards open source programming and a website creator. He’s one of the founding members of the Ljudmila (Ljubljana Lab for Digital Media), president of the Ljudmila Association and of the M3C network and one of the contributing collaborators to the Ustvarjalna gmajna.


coproduction: Ljudmila Association – Lab of Science and Art, Zavod Projekt Atol, GaleRica