Lighting Guerrilla Laboratory: Augmented Reality

Lighting Guerrilla Laboratory: Augmented Reality
augmented reality

Congress square, Ribja footbridge, Čevljarski bridge, Novi square, Mesarski bridge and French Revolution square
24th May–19th June 2021

Mentors: Žiga Pavlovič, Črtomir Just

Participants of the central workshop of the Lightning Guerrilla Laboratory, under the mentorship of Žiga Pavlovič and Črtomir Just, were exploring the tools and possibilities of creating augmented reality by creating Instagram filters using SparkAR software. Inspired by their surroundings, they created several virtual 3D objects in motion, ranging from abstract ones through humanoid forms to mythological and aquatic creatures. These will be visible and interacted with through the use of smart mobile devices and will be observable during the day too. Your smartphone or tablet will need to be equipped with a QR reader code and an Instagram account: when you capture the QR code and light markers next to it, an Instagram filter will be triggered to take you to augmented reality.

About mentors:

ŽIGA PAVLOVIČ (1987) is an independent interaction developer, Unity AR/VR developer and an artistic & interactive installations engineer. He currently leads a media laboratory within Kibla – Kibla2Lab. ČRTOMIR JUST (1982) works in graphic design and 3D art. He’s also the artistic director of the FrancFranc company from Murska Sobota that specializes in graphic design and 3D art.

Participants: Andreja Benedejčič and Špela Jenšterle, Neža Knez and Anže Mrak, Tijana Mijušković and Lina Steiner, Celeste Sanja Smareglia and Jure Sulić, Zala Klančnik, Žiga Pavlovič and Črtomir Just.

DAILY: 21.30–23.30

Coproduction: Ljudmila Art and Science Laboratory, osmo/za, PiNA and RUK Consortium