Aleksandra Stratimirovic: Cirkulacija

LIGHTING PARK // Aleksandra Stratimirovic: Circulation

Aleksandra Stratimirovic: Circulation
lighting  ‘permanent’ installation
Lighting park along Gradaščica in Trnovo
opening: Monday, 18th September, at 20.30


The first permanent lighting installation that was situated in the park along Gradaščica creek as part of the Lighting Guerrilla festival was created by Boštjan Drinovec. This so-called Lighting park will gradually include also other permanent installations. This year, during the international conference LUX Europa 2017 (18th─20th September), hosted in Ljubljana by the Slovenian Lighting Association, an installation by Aleksandra Stratimirović will be added to the park underneath the bridge to stay there for the next five years. Apart from that, three temporary installations by the students of the Faculty of Architecture and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering  will be erected as well, while the opening will be spiced-up by a dance performance titled Medusa.

The project, created by Aleksandra Stratimirović, is an interactive lighting installation that consists of three circular light elements. Each light circle will be equipped with LED stripes and will pulsate in it’s own rhythm, light intensity and colour. The installation is conceived as an antipode to the static architecture of the bridge by responding to the viewer’s presence and creating a dynamic ambiental lighting reflected on the surface of the Gradaščica creek.


ALEKSANDRA STRATIMIROVIĆ graduated from the Faculty of applied arts and design in her native Belgrade. She’s continued her studies at the University of arts and crafts (Konstfack) and at the Royal institute of technology (KTH) in Stockholm where she specialized in lighting design. Her permanent site-specific installations are displayed in Sweden where she lives and works, while she regularly exhibits her works in different lighting festivals. She’s a co-founder of the Lighting Guerrilla festival and of ‘Belgrade the city of light’ festival.


LUX Europa 2017