LUCIJA KLAUŽ: I Never Return to the Same Place, I Drift Towards and Away

LUCIJA KLAUŽ: I Never Return to the Same Place, I Drift Towards and Away
Video installation
Križevniška Soteska // until 22 June
OPENING: Friday, 24 May, 9:30 p.m.

With her work, Lucija Klauž breaks down the experience of movement through space, so as to reassemble it according to different principles. Photographs of the wider surroundings which would be visible from the location of the placement if our view had not been obstructed by buildings are digitally processed and arranged along the walls of the narrow street: the images create the impression of densification of space, whilst simultaneously the sequences of scenes unfold in way that evokes the impression of the surroundings flowing in the direction of the pedestrian. It thus appears as if the walls were sliding through space, whereby the whole design affects the viewer’s experience of passing through space and creates a feeling of disorientation.

LUCIJA KLAUŽ (1999) is a visual artist and art critic, currently a student of photography at The Faculty of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana (ALOU). Since 2020, she has been working as a reviewer in the editorial office for culture and humanities of Radio Student. By documenting the surroundings with random gestures that eventually turn into procedures, she explores the recording of time and space. She has presented her works at several solo and group projects, including the Light Art Project Interference festival in Tunis and the Goldstücke Lichtkunst in Gelsenkirchen-Buer, Germany.

special thanks to: residents of Križevniška Street 2, the High school of Design and Photography Ljubljana