MARIJA JENKO: Portrayal of Light

Marija Jenko: Portrayal of Light


»Materials, when they are exposed to light, with their materiality, density, structure, surface and volume affect the incidence, the colour of light and vice-versa: light reveals the materials and their structure by shining through them or being reflected from them. Materials that are coated in a thermochromatic paint that vanishes when heated up have additional »life«. The source of heat goes into light which we see when the material loses its colour. Different sources of heat in different materials leave different traces in the shape of patterns – visual compositions. As the heat subsides, the colour gradually returns like the material was healing and restoring. Light chambers, similar to huge paper lanterns, emits just enough light to illuminate the thermochromatic patterns on the surface of their transparent membranes, otherwise invisible in the dark. The protruding outlines of the chambers differ between themselves to establish a dialogue between them and the rest of the ambient«. /Marija Jenko/


Marija Jenko (1961) graduated in 1985 from the Faculty of architecture in Ljubljana. A year later she graduated in visual arts as well, and in 1990 she also finished her Masters in graphic arts. She’s active in different creative fields, mostly in the field of textile design from which she’s specialized in at the University of Arts and Design in Helsinki in Finland. Her graphic works can be found in the Albertine collection in Vienna and in the Modern Art Museum in Paris.