Marika Gönc: Nočna ribica

Marika Gönc: Night Fish

Marika Gönc: Night Fish
Ribja ulica
23. May–18. June 2022
light installation

Most of the time, we just rush from one errand to the next and don’t even notice the world around us. Light installation Night Fish leads us through invisible doors and into an enchanted world that one can only see when the sun goes down and the lights turn on. This world is different from ours; an underwater ambient is recreated using reflections and shadows, seemingly moving like waves, slowly and gently touching us and we feel like we’re floating. Suddenly we become aware of ourselves and our thoughts; only at that moment we can actually see the little fish which is guiding us. /M. Gönc/

MARIKA GÖNC graduated at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering, Department of Textiles, Graphic Arts and Design. She is interested in creativity in the broadest sense of the word so as an artist she explores various fields within Fine Arts. She believes that the key to success is to work interdisciplinary. She collaborated with Lighting Guerrilla in the past as one of Faculty’s students but this is first time she is presenting her work as an independent artist in her own right.