Matej Bizovičar: Refufish


Content-wise the Ribogunci project echoes the contemporary refugee crisis, while the artist has used a colourful flock of fish to symbolize the refugees, fish that with their freedom of movement across the world seas represent just the opposite. The main emphasis is nevertheless reserved for the actual form and colour of these peculiar polyurethane foam creatures. With their pronounced fantastical appearance, the artist tries to convey their alienness and otherness. In Refufish there are beings of various amorphous shapes: they satirize images from sci-fi movies, expansive organisms, viruses that escape from the lab … These associations encourage the viewer to think about their own ancient fear of the otherness.


Matej Bizovičar (1969, Ljubljana) studied painting at ALUO in Ljubljana between 1991 and 1995. He’s been creating in his studio in Metelkova mesto since 1993. He’s contributed to theatre, to Radio Študent and he’s been involved in the Hostel Celica project for more than 20 years. He also works in interior design of private homes and hospitality & tourist businesses. He creates custom unique furniture and is generally dedicated to woodworking. Apart from painting, in the visual arts he’s also involved in sculpture, spatial installations and mosaics.


special thanks: Art Hotel Ljubljana, Faculty of Medicine, residents of Vegova 8 and Soteska 10 houses