NINA KOŽELJ: Rože te so zate

Nina Koželj: These Flowers Are for You

Nina Koželj: These Flowers Are for You
light installation
monument dedicated to Simon Gregorčič, French Revolution Square

Nina Koželj’s new interactive installation appears at first glance as a tribute to the big poet, as it is situated right in front of his monument on the French Revolution Square. Still, the stage-lit bouquet of withered flowers is actually intended for someone else. More precisely, for the viewer, who, the moment they step on the platform in front of the bouquet, causes a unique transformation of the object – the light turns of, the bouquet of withered flowers suddenly comes to life, stands upright and shines in intense colour like freshly blooming flowers. In artist’s words, the bouquet that is literally delighted when you step in front of it is a peculiar gift in space, meant for sullen folks.

NINA KOŽELJ (1985) is, as an artist, active in the fields of sculpture, graphics and spatial installations. Her oeuvre is characterized by, content-wise, clear, concrete (and often humorous) sculpting bodies, wherein the artistic motif is unequivocal, and the artistic language is frequently dictated by the choice of material and technique. After graduating from the Secondary School for Design and Photography Ljubljana (SŠOF), she enrolled into art pedagogy at the Faculty of Education in Ljubljana. Over the years, she has had numerous group and solo exhibitions at home and abroad; in 2016, she participated in the triennial of contemporary Slovene art U3 in the Modern Gallery; in 2010, she received a scholarship from the Swiss Vordemberge-Gildewart Foundation and, in 2021, the award for a young author of Ethics (Etiquette). She lives and works in Strahovica nad Kamnikom.

project co-financier: City Municipality of Kamnik