NPR.: Pigeons, Piss off!

NPR.: Pigeons, Piss off!
Light installation
Gregorčičeva Street 13A // until 22 June
OPENING: Friday, 24 May, 9:30 p.m.

Pigeons, Piss off!, the authors’ group NPR.’s latest project, foregrounds the combination of rural content with urban environment. The central element of the installation is a triptych of videos projected onto console elements on the façade of Edvard Ravnikar’s apartment block opposite the Vesolje bar in the city centre. The triptych of videos was recorded in the locations where the authors grew up (Upper Carniola, Prlekija, Upper Savinja Valley and Styria). The videos thematise the inevitability of the transformation of the environment and thus also of ourselves, whereby the addition of natural elements to the urban environment is a key prerequisite for us to enjoy it. /NPR./

NPR. (Špela Ambrož, Ana Govc, Vanesa Hochkraut and Miha Majes) are Slovene artists who explore the relationship between traditional graphic design and new media, especially video/audio production. Together, they created the EXPEDITION STONE project, which was presented at the 35th Graphic Biennale in Ljubljana.

Coproduction: KID PiNa
Special thanx: residents of Gregorčičeva 13A, Terca d. o. o., MGLC
Sponsors: Riwal d. o. o. & Javna razsvetljava d. d.