PIONIRSKI DOM: Cephalopods

PIONIRSKI DOM: Cephalopods
Light installation
Glass atrium of the Town Hall // until 11 July
OPENING: Thursday, 30 May, 7 p.m.

Mentor: Nina Koželj

Fungi, which can be found practically on the entire planet, are the largest organisms on Earth, and they use extremely imaginative methods for their successful reproduction. One such is luminescence, which can be observed under ultraviolet light. Humans do not perceive this spectrum of colours as such, whilst the role of luminescence in fungi is not yet fully understood it by all means seems that certain animals that spread fungal spores perceive these colours. For us, the forest is black at night only a UV lamp allows us to see the night world in completely different colours.

The Pioneer Home invited the microbiologist Katarina Grabnar Apostolides to take the participants of the sculpture course for adults to the forest in the evening. With the help of UV lamps, we explored colours and shapes that appeared in front of us. We translated this experience into artistic visual impressions we captured small mycological ecosystems in floating transparent spheres that glow under UV lamps. /N. Koželj/

PARTICIPANTS: Neža Anžič, Klara Bajec, Metka Blatnik, Lidija Drobež, Saša Erjavec, Mojca Horvat, Tatjana Jamnik, Barbara Juršič Suzana Kremžar, Polona Kuhar, Mojca Marn, Maja Maroša, Tanja Petkovič, Stajka Skrbinšek, Natalija Šega, Marina Šink, Romana Terkaj, Barbara Miklič Türk, Damijana Vidic and Anja Zver.

photo: Marina Šink

gallery opening times: every day, 8 a.m.—10 p.m.

production: Pioneer Home Art Centre