Plantoïdori – robotska origami lučka

Plantoïdori – robotic origami light

Plantoïdori – robotic origami light
Project Office, Rog Centre, Wolfova ul. 8
11th and 12th June; 10.00–14.00

authors and mentors: Dewi Brunet & Anne Camille Gilbert

Participants of a two-day workshop, led by two colleagues from Brussels’ OpenFab, will learn how to make a functional bio-mimetic light in the shape of a flower. On the first day participants get acquainted with a special technique of squashing and folding paper (origami) that they will use to make the flower. The second day is devoted to electronics: participants will wire the flower to electrical circuits that manage the light’s reactivity and assemble it in its most basic construction. The light responds to the physical presence of a person with the help of a sensor: when the sensor is activated, the paper flower opens and lights up…

The workshop is for everyone with an interest in electronics and origami but also anyone else who enjoys making things with their hands. The number of participants is limited (10), registration is mandatory. No previous knowledge necessary.

Participation fee: 40 EUR, 30 EUR for students and RogLab members

Registration and information: e-mail: / tel.: 040 988 011


DEWI BRUNET (1990) is an artist who mastered paper-folding techniques, which he explores by using different materials and technologies; moreover, he uses them not only in art and design but also in science. Since 2016 he co-manages the OpenFab fablab in Brussels. He’s also a member of CRIMP Association, the only existing organization devoted to this special technique of designing from paper.

ANNE-CAMILLE GILBERT (1990) is a programming instructor and an enthusiastic maker of animatronics. She is also advocating to lessen the generational gap in digital literacy and is the co-founder of the OpenFab fablab.

Produced by: Rog Centre