SARA & SARA: Plava

Sara & Sara: Blue

Sara & Sara: Blue
light installation
Ribja ulica

The rising level of the world’s oceans is definitely one of the more dramatic and catastrophic consequences of climate change. Today’s densely populated coastal areas will sink in the near future, which will, in addition to devastation, cause mass migrations. According to the artists, we will no longer dictate the future of the space ourselves, but will be rather forced to make changes and decisions by the consequences of climate change. Their work attempts to raise awareness of the growing danger of floods, which will, according to scientific predictions, be more and more frequent, and certainly more unpredictable, in the future. The project presents a lighting simulation of the flood movement of water; the moving buoy that simulates the height of the sea, serves as a kind of reminder in the future planning of space, which will be more and more characterized by the unpredictability of environmental changes.

SARA & SARA is a design tandem consisting of architects or designers, Sara Badovinac and Sara Škarica. They design various products and spatial installations.

the implementation and technical support of mechanisms: GC-DPI