KVADRATNI METER: Izselitveni nalog

Square Metre: Eviction Notice

Square Metre: Eviction Notice
light installation
French Revolution Square, Valvasor Park, parking lot NUK 2

The project thematizes the omnipresent fear and uncertainty faced by apartment tenants at a time when the rental market is not regulated and landlords are all the time coming up with new ideas for quick and higher earnings. With the installation of cars filled with moving boxes, the collective Square Metre invites viewers to reflect on the stories of individuals facing forced eviction. The cars parked in various parts of Ljubljana serve as a reminder of the experiences of real people on whom the housing market turned its back several times. Through many conversations with acquaintances and friends in such and similar situations, we want to give voice to all those who had suddenly lost their homes. The installation thus questions the right to decent living as well as the policies that that have led to the current situation. /Square Metre/

SQUARE METRE is a collective of female artists who, with performances, installations, sculptures and interventions in public space, express their sensitivity to social issues, especially the right to residence, since 2019. It deals with issues of gentrification, housing unaffordability and lower living standards, both locally and globally. So far, they have presented themselves with the projects Welcome (Axioma project space), Memorial to the Housing Crisis (Metelkova museum platform), Rent + Costs (Circulation2), Land Theft (Alkatraz Gallery) and with interventions and a performance in the public space, Elite Event (Park Tabor), Real Estate Square Republic and Update of the Model of Ljubljana, respectively.