STRAN22: Argo

STRAN22: Argo
Light installation
Embankment of Gradaščica River (Eipprova Street) // until 22 June
OPENING: Friday, 24 May, 9:30 p.m.

The project entitled Argo draws inspiration from the moon as a symbol of the visible and invisible; the project invites the viewers to explore both its bright and dark sides and imagine stories it hides. The central focus of the project is the dark side of the moon, which has often been the subject matter of fiction and all sorts of conspiracy theories in the past. Our interpretation of the dark side of the moon uses the latter as a unique mirror to the earth. On the dark side of the moon, we try to show a lost civilization from the distant past. The project enables the viewer to observe the whole rise and fall of villages and towns through a special ocular, which metaphorically indicates a comprehensive development and fall of a civilisation. With the dark side of the moon as a mirror of ourselves, the question arises about the uncertainty of our future. /Stran22/

STRAN22 is an interdisciplinary collective that under the common denominator unites artists from different fields, from visual and performative art, architecture and design to authorial music and poetry. Besides intertwining of different skills, they are connected predominantly by the desire to discover the non-conventional artistic expressions.

sculptural works: Tomaž Furlan
metal design: Miha Zupan
recording on 16mm film
: Fran Sokolič