TOM WINKLER: Magic Garden

TOM WINKLER: Magic Garden
Light installation
Foerster’s Garden // until 22 June
OPENING: Friday, 24 May, 9:30 p.m.

The Foerster’s Garden behind The Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana is a small and neglected park that serves predominantly as a shortcut between two busy roads. In spite of this, this transitional space has preserved some elements of urban furniture or remnants of the past, such as, for instance, an abandoned fountain and pieces of worked stone… With the project Magic Garden, Tom Winkler aims to revive the park and transform it into a place where people would stop and socialise. The concept of the project stems from our connection with water, which has inspired many myths about the magical, healing springs. The central elements of the installation are a newly built fountain with water that glows in the dark, a spring of water, a few seats and plants this is how the artist conceptualised a new temporary centre of the park, where under the cover of night you will be able to observe the peculiar and magical flow of light and immerse yourself in a fairy tale contemplation.

TOM WINKLER (1996) is currently an MA student at The Faculty of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana, at the Department of Sculpture. Before enrolling in the academy, he studied for two years at The Higher Vocational College Srečko Kosovel in Sežana Department of Stone Design. In recent years, he held a series of solo exhibitions and participated in several group projects. In 2022, he participated in the ERASMUS+ student exchange programme at the Academy of Fine Arts in Lisbon, and, in 2019, at the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade.