ALUO: Framed

ALUO: Framed
lighting installation
French Revolution square; lamp posts around the Vžigalica gallery
24th May–19th June 2021

Mentor: Asst. Prof. Boštjan Drinovec

Lamp posts around the Vžigalica gallery will turn into a lighting installation scene during the festival, a scene that stages a (virtual) cage, a metaphor for captivity and the increasingly shrinking freedom in society. The artists are addressing the issue of control and various restrictions imposed upon the individual by society or government through modern technology. The created objects are surrounding the existing lights lamp posts like gratings: the artists are trying to illustrate, through the deliberate use of artificial materials and geometric shapes, the character of the society and its tendency to limit life to a system of rigid rules, standards and laws.

Contributing artists: Jera Dacar, Brina Kavčič and Nika Šantej (unique design at ALUO)

DAILY: 21.30–23.30

Coproduction: Academy of Fine Arts and Design (ALUO), UL
Sponsor: Javna razsvetljava, d. d.