Stran 22: Soap opera (K01 M04 J01) – The Cave on Evi Lichtungen

Two projects that were presented on Lighting Guerrilla 2019 for the first time will participate on the EVI Lichtungen biennial in Hildesheim, Germany: audio-visual installations Urban Vacillation (Neža Jurman) and Soap opera (K01 M04 J01) – The Cave (Stran 22 collective).

Focus of international biennial of light art projects EVI LICHTUNGEN in January is the coeffect between light as material, medium and metaphore in art. Biennial presents innovative art projects that deal with new technologies and software as well as more traditional projects, which expose the basics of perception and expose light as the basic element of seeing. The program takes place on the route that leads through public spaces next to world cultural herritage, among museums, squares and churches in Hildesheim.

Soap opera (K01 M04 J01) – The Cave represents the first in the series of works that explore the borders between the individual experience of the world and the specific collective experience of it. An interactive mechanical device uses soap water to create fragile membranes that produce almost psychedelic textures of colour and light: the project is a literal depiction of immersion into a given reality that challenges the viewer by having seemingly omnipresent structures vanish into nothing. The installation allows for an experience of a momentary creation of some kind of a spatial divide that reflects the insecurity and fragility of experiencing reality, the instability of the balance between the subject and the world.


Evi Lichtungen


Photo: DK