Academy of Fine Arts and Design & Faculty of Computer and Information Science (ALUO & FRI): Behind uncovered windows

screenings, installations
Novi trg // until 15. 6.
OPENING: Thursday, 16th May, at 21.30


Students, under the mentorship of doc. mag. Boštjan Drinovec from ALUO and prof. dr. Franc Solina from FRI, have conceived and executed a light installation titled Behind uncovered windows. The aim of the work in the windows in Novi square is to address the dichotomy  between private and public in the context of visual arts. The creators let us peak into fictional privacy of apartments – the evening passer-by is thus made a voyeur who can now look where he could not be able otherwise. The viewers can use the web application to unveil an additional look at the interiors, transcending the direct visual look in the windows. The project in this way erases the border between private and public – just as in social media, hinting at them – in the physical space as well. /text: Petja Grafenauer/

CONTRIBUTORS: (ALUO; unique design, video and new media): Maruša Mazej, Darko Osterc, Zala Zagoršek and Simona Žiher; (FRI): Živa Škof and Žiga Trontelj

MENTORS AND EXPERT COLLABORATORS: prof. dr. Franc Solina, doc. dr. Aleš Jaklič, doc. mag. Boštjan Drinovec, doc. dr. Petja Grafenauer


Coproduction: Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Faculty of Computer and Information Science, ZRC SAZU and SAZU

The project is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union from the European Social Fund.