ALESSANDRO LUPI: Delci resničnosti

Alessandro Lupi: Fragments of Reality

Alessandro Lupi: Fragments of Reality
the garden next to Križevniška Church, Ljubljana
23. May – 18. June 2022
light installation


The garden in Križevniška Church is where Italian artist Alessandro Lupi set up his project Fragments of Reality, conceived as a multitude of reflection points, distributed in space. It’s a completely analog piece and it functions depending on natural elements such as the wind or light: in correlation with weather conditions these “swarms” of reflection points are asynchronously opening up to our view. The final result is a contemplative and magical effect of twinkling and blinking, creating a surreal atmosphere in the space. It is even more inspiring to see it at night when it captures the reflection of surrounding street lights.

ALESSANDRO LUPI (1975, Genoa) graduated in 2000 from Accademia Ligustica di Belle Arti in Genoa. At the end of the 1990s he started with intense artistic explorations of light and space. At that time, he devised his first sculptures made of threads. In recent years he focuses mostly on exploring light and shadows in various sculptural and spatial settings in order to examine the boundaries of human perception. Currently he lives and works between Genoa and Berlin.

In collaboration with the Italian Cultural Institute – Ljubljana.
Co-produced: Festival Ljubljana