ALOU – Department of Sculpture: Shelter!

Academy of Fine Arts and Design (ALOU) – Department of Sculpture: Shelter!
light sculpture
mentor: Assistant professor Tomaž Furlan
Grobnica narodnih herojev/Tomb of National Heroes

The project of MA students of sculpture from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana questions the monolithic nature of traditional amorphous structures in public space. The abstract formations that adorn urban interspaces can also be understood as notice boards of historical records, urban decoration, and, in the best case, also as a realization of creative inspiration or a point of reflection.  The size and weight, and, above all, the blurred narrativity of the form, speak of a surface that is primarily a magnet for the eye, but in space it represents a disturbance of concentration, a mental break and a fascination with the unpragmatic and unreasonable. Giant volumes from the past, the surface of which is information and the mass of which is fascination, are the spirit of time in which we explore our own size in relation to art.

The project Shelter! does not avoid traditional monolith in the space. It opens it and walks inside it. The art is shelter also in the mental and intimate sense, an emotional stimulus that encourages us to look into the emptiness of space and formulate ‘unbelievable’ solutions. The dismembered mass of classical aesthetic abstraction reveals its interior. The content of this mass is introspection, thought, an iceberg and a record of time. /participants/

participants: Lučka Centa, Maja Gregl, Kaja Horvat, Tajda Stiplovšek Jug, Urša Marolt, Polona Pečan, Nina Tovornik, Isidora Todorić in Tom Winkler