ALUO, SCULPTURE COURSE: The Absence is Present

ALUO, sculpture course: The Absence is Present




»The installation puts into juxtaposition memories of previous lives that have transpired and occupied the places and filled voids in the Cukrarna palace. Layers of different materials grow out of the inner emptiness, reintroducing new life in this way, with a play of textures colours and light, to an abandoned industrial object.« /artists/


about the mentor: Alen Ožbolt (1966, Ptuj) is an artist, researcher, writer and since 2006 also a professor of sculpture at ALUO. He was active between 1984 and 1995 in the ‘Veš slikar, svoj dolg’ art collective and later independently. He created several and various art projects and exhibitions bot home and abroad. He also wrote several published visual essays, shorter texts and some longer theoretical texts on art, art spaces and art phenomena.


contributing students of sculpture (I. and II. degree): Linn Andersson Franek, Maja Bojanič, Robert Brok, Doroteja Erhatič, Nika Erjavec and Sander van Mechelen

mentor: prof. Alen Ožbolt


coproduction: Academy of Fine Arts and Design Ljubljana