Gašper Milkovič Biloslav & Mitja Cerkvenik & Marko Turkuš & Marko Vivoda: Radia

interactive light installation
Ljubljanica riverbank in Breg // until 15. 6.
OPENING: Thursday, 16th May, at 21.30


The installation explores the complexity of the relation between humans and the environment, representing it with a visual interpretation of different segments of the frequency spectrum. The project is based on the collection and manipulation of signals from the invisible part of the electromagnetic spectrum caused by human activity (radio frequencies, wireless Wi-Fis, mobile phone networks) and on displaying them in a visual manner over the surface of the Ljubljanica river. The project transcends the limits of what we perceive with our human senses and manifests an invisible world with impressive (dis)plays of light. This is an abstract visualization of the state of environment: since the installation recognizes and responds to radiation from our mobile phones, the density of people in its surroundings will affect the dynamics of the light signature. LOGIN AND CHECK IT OUT!


GAŠPER MILKOVIČ BILOSLAV is a camera operator and a movie projectionist. He creates live visual performances for concerts, installations, music videos and visuals for theatre and movies as a member of the Izland duo (with M.Vivoda). MITJA CERKVENIK, a musician and computer engineer develops electronic musical instruments and performs with them under the name of jesusonecstasy. MARKO TURKUŠ is a theatre scenographer, puppet animator and a cinematheque movie projectionist. MARKO VIVODA is an intermedia artist, producer and curator, co-founder of the Stran 22 collective and programme director of the Riiba institute.


Production: Pina Cultural Educational Society