Janez Grošelj: The Dammed

Janez Grošelj: The Dammed
interactive lighting installation
City Musem lights, Gosposka ul.
24th May–19th June 2021


The central element of Janez Grošelj’s new project is human breath; as the artist notes, in a world marked by the Covid-19 epidemics, breath has become a kind of a biological weapon that can instantly kill off all public life. His artistic commentary of current reality consists of a sensor that responds to blowing: the spectator can extinguish five lamp posts with their breath. The lamps are equipped with images of life before the epidemics and thus turn into parables for different activities that were “extinguished” by the epidemics.

JANEZ GROŠELJ has a M.A. in architecture and is rapidly moving away from building design and discovering his vocation in a smaller and more intimate field of lighting and light art. He was encouraged to work independently in this field by participating in the Lighting Guerrilla Geometrics Park student project in 2015, and since then he has mostly been creating artwork for the festival, such as his Tree Heartbeat project and the Wavescope project. In addition to active creating, he also shares his knowledge and experience as mentor in workshops.

DAILY: 21.30–23.30

Sponsor: Javna razsvetljava, d. d.