Faculty of Architecture and Faculty of Electrical Engineering

LIGHTING PARK // Faculty of Architecture and Faculty of Electrical Engineering: Memories of Ljubljana & Play in tall grass & Plecnik’s park

lighting installations
Lighting park along Gradascica creek in Trnovo
Monday, 18th September, at 20.30
until 30th September


Not just a permanent installation, but also three more temporary lighting installations are coming to the Lighting park, jointly conceived by the students of two faculties in Ljubljana.

The Memories of Ljubljana installation consists of six panels or sails that represent the clock-arms on a clock when seen from above. A pulsating rhythm of LED stripes, synchronized in second, minute and hour intervals, emphasizes the passage of time and recreates an allusion to the past. Each of the six sails is oriented in the direction of a certain landmark of Ljubljana or it’s surroundings, accentuating in a symbolic fashion the memories of different periods of the history of Ljubljana. The interactive project Play in tall grass is conceived as a grid of 64 vertical lines that light-up when touched. The projects draws from the memories of child’s play in tall grass, where the visitor leaves a trail of his movement. The visitor thus recreates the image of the space: the fading light of vertical elements represents leaves of grass that are trampled during the play and that rise up afterwards, thus removing any trails. The third installation is titled Plecnik’s park and thematizes elements of Plecnik’s architecture. The legacy of this great architect is roguishly reinterpreted as a contemporary backdrop of an amusement park..


contributors: Urban Barbic, Sasa Bozic and Anja Tisler (Memories of Ljubljana) / Anze Erjavec, Marusa Mali, Nusa Mihalic and Klemen Mraz (Play in tall grass) / Lana Arih, Blaz Jagarinec, Jure Kozlevcar and Jan Krek (Plecnik’s park)
mentors: doc. dr. Tomaz Novljan and doc. dr. Matej B. Kobav
coproduction: Faculty of Architecture and Faculty of Electrical Engineering