Natan Esku: Parasitus elektrikus

Natan Esku: Parasitus elektrikus

Natan Esku: Parasitus elektrikus
lighting installation

lamp posts in Congress square
24th May–19th June 2021


The Parasitus elektrikus are light organisms of the macroparasite subspecies which means they can be seen with the naked eye. They urgently need a host with a source of electricity for their survival. Their preferred habitat are these electric devices that operate at voltages from 12 up to 220 V. They can be found indoors too, but they are most often found outdoors, especially on street lamps.

They can be recognized by a transparent wrapper made of recycled bottles inside which there are fragile organs from all kinds of waste that emit a fluorescent neon light when fed. Because of this characteristic, they are most visible at night. /N. Esku/


NATAN ESKU is a visual artist with a lot of curiosity and desire to experiment with new materials and techniques, but mostly with a tremendous passion for work. He’s a versatile artist who works in very heterogeneous fields such as painting, sculpture, graphic design, photography, interior design and character development for puppet theatre and animation. He completed his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana and his specialization at the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts in Budapest.

DAILY: 21.30–23.30

Sponsorship: Javna razsvetljava, d. d.